Thursday, June 7, 2012

Live Beyond Organic by Jordan S. Rubin

Thank you for watching Living Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin on TBN. Jordan’s book, Live Beyond Organic, is NOW AVAILABLE for FREE, but only for a limited time and to an exclusive audience.

One of his most powerful books yet, Live Beyond Organic is sure to motivate and inspire you, as well as provide you with health and nutrition education, a daily eating plan, delicious recipes and more.

Take advantage of this great offer today and get started Living Beyond Organic!

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About the Book
Do you know what healthy means?

In today’s day and age, it is getting increasingly difficult to define what healthy food really is. Many look to “USDA Organic” as the ultimate standard to define not only foods and beverages, but a healthy lifestyle as well. People often say, "I eat and organic diet” or “I live an organic lifestyle," not even knowing what that really means.

  • What does Organic really stand for?
  • What are the advantages and limitations of Organic?
  • How is physical health affected by mental, emotional and spiritual health?
  • Are we more than what we eat?

Is our modern, commercial food system sustainable physically, economically or environmentally?

The answers to many of today's health challenges are found in Jordan Rubin's latest work, Live Beyond Organic. In these pages you'll be led on a journey into the world of food and an inspiring story of how Jordan turned a tragedy in his life into a mission to transform the health of this nation and world one life at a time.

Today, Jordan has shared his message of health and hope with millions of people through seminars, television shows, radio programs, and magazine articles. As a Natural Health expert and New York Times best-selling author of The Maker's Diet, Jordan has written over twenty health and wellness titles with over five million copies in print.

Not just another calorie-counting diet book, Live Beyond Organic motivates you to make positive changes in your life in body, mind and spirit and leads you on a path to Change Your Diet, Change Your Life and Change Your World.

(large file size - download may take a few moments)


  1. Thank you! This is so awesome to find! I have several health issues, and i was feeling like my life was pretty much over for the better. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, which i got rid of once on my own, but its back with a vengance; high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation and i could go on. This book, plus the other book The Maker's Diet have given me hope! So much appreciated!!

  2. God has me on a major mission and today was just the icing on the cake- organic carrot cake. lol. Thank you so much for airing on TBN. I would love to visit your farm. Just to see touch and feel life.

    1. My toughts exactly Ms. Doris! I've often thought that if only I could just touch it then I'd be healed. If you find information on visits to the ranch, please let me know.

  3. I was listening to your program on TBN and at the end you had prayed a beautiful prayer for us. I just want to thank you for listening to the Lord, when you spoke the words over us. I was wondering if you can send it to me because I would love to pray that everyday. You had mention Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, all the way up to Peter fishing his net on the right side of the boat and caught 153 fishes, to Jesus. It really spoke to me. Again Thank you.

  4. The blessing is at the end of the Living Beyond Organic YouTube video:

  5. Please join us in prayer and in sharing this story. Countless children and teens have taken free classes at Abiding Village. They have learned to dance, act, sing, paint, drum and many more self expressions. They have been trained on making marketable art, have sold their crafts, and some have been trained and certified for a career. They reach out to the community and give back. They are helping to change the future. They have a vision of a preferred future, Even my children gave their change because they love Abiding. Please love it too and give and then ask others to do the same.

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  7. I just tried downloading your book and I got the message the webpage is no longer available. How do I get your book?

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  9. My concern is, a diet high in animal protein, 15-20% and above, has been shown to trigger cancer cells to generate; while a diet of 5% animal protein shuts off the cancer triggers. While I completely agree with organic and non GMO eating...if and when its available in my area and if I can afford it...Where do we go from here? Supplements? Plant proteins?? I won't eat nor feed my children the amount of meat you eat or are suggesting.

  10. Tried to download three times and keep getting the message, web page unavailable.

  11. I've tried twice. My windows diagnostics tells me the site is not responding. Jordan please fix this. Thanks.

  12. To get the FREE ebook just google search "live beyond organic free pdf" and click the first site that comes up.